Membership of the Committees is decided at the Council’s Annual Meeting in May.  If necessary the non-executive Committees may co-opt until the following April individuals either with special expertise or so as to bring the Committee to acceptable strength.

Annually at its first meeting each Committee will elect a Chairman from its non-co-opted members.

The Council’s Financial Year starts in April but it must tell Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council the tax it wants to raise for the coming year by early January.
To facilitate this decision at the December meeting it needs to set a Budget at the November meeting.  To do this it needs, at its October meeting, to have before it or previously agreed to, details of Capital Works and expected on going expenses recommended by Committees.  This is so that they can be reviewed by Finance in the interim before November.
Each Committee needs to take this timetable into account and possibly any timetable for applications set by providers of grants.

The quorum for every committee is four.


To manage the Council’s Open Spaces (Village sign, the War Memorial, the Recreation Ground in Riding Lane, West Wood, the bus shelter and the Village Green) to ensure, where appropriate, their availability to all in a good, usable condition taking into account weather and agreed budgets.  This includes the identification and later supervision of providers of necessary services so as to make recommendations for Council approval.  The Responsible Financial Officer has, in consultation with the Chairman/Vice chairman or Chairman of the Finance Committee, authorisation to spend up to £1,000 for emergency repairs between Council meetings.

To identify and make recommendation concerning the need for additional facilities which would benefit the Parish population together with ways of providing them, including identifying the detail of the scheme, cost, providers and the sources and method of funding (which can include Charities or other Governmental sources).

1.2    PUBLIC RIGHTS OF WAY (sub-committee of Open Spaces)

In co-operation with the County Council and local walking enthusiasts to seek to maintain safe access to the network of public paths in Hildenborough, identifying the need for any repairs and attempting to ensure these happen.

To make comment on any proposals for change to the network. To publicise the network by publishing information, waymarking and organising walks and other events.


It is responsible for considering, and commenting to the Borough Council on, all Planning and related applications placed before it and any Local Plan, planning policy or like proposals.  The Committee, may delegate to the chairman a response on behalf of the Council.  Committee members must be informed and agree the response.

Apart from the limited delegated power of Open Spaces and Churchyard this is the only Committee with executive powers, these have been delegated to it because the Council has only 14 days to respond to consultation on applications.


This Committee consists of two persons from the Council and two nominated by the Parochial Church Council.

It is responsible for nothing other than identifying and recommending actions for those works which are the responsibility of the Council.   These are concerned with mowing the grass and looking after the trees and boundary hedges and some walls as detailed in the 25 year Agreement of March 1999.   

As a Committee it is not responsible for the management of the Churchyard or the upkeep of individual graves.


It is responsible for overseeing the Council’s finances, including the performance of necessary internal audit activities.

It compares budget with actual results and may make recommendations.
It considers draft committee budgets and makes recommendations about the overall budget to the council together with guidance about the precept to be raised.