Miss Claire Sheldon, Woodlands, 30 Coldharbour Lane, Hildenborough, TN11 9JT,  phone: 01732 835370;  
Chairman and ex officio member of all committees  
Mrs Christine Baker, 72 Riding Park, Hildenborough TN11 9JE    01732 832198  
member of Finance and Open Spaces Committees
Mr Malcolm F Baker, 28 Fairfield Way, Hildenborough TN11 9EU   01732 838792  
Chairman of Finance and Open Spaces Committees
Mrs Margaret Coles, 44 Riding Park, Hildenborough TN11 9JE; 01732 832583: 
Vice chairman, chairman of Planning and member of Finance and Flood Committees
Mr David C Haugh, 53 Brookmead, Hildenborough, TN11 9DP    01732 832869   
member of Open Spaces, Flood and Finance Committees
Mrs Lisa Homewood, 2 The Old Orchard, Riding Lane, Hildenborough, TN11  9LH   01732 834722
member of Open Spaces Committee
Mr Colmar A Lewis, 24 Greenview Crescent, Hildenborough,  TN11 9DT   01732 833867  
member of Finance, Open Spaces Committee and Village Hall Representative
Mr Andrew McNeil, 18 Coldharbour Lane, Hildenborough TN11 9JT 01732 384291
member of Finance and Planning Committees.
 Mr Maurice C Nairne, contact via The Clerk  
member of Planning and Open Spaces Committee
Mr Nigel D Simpkins, 5 Club Cottages, Riding Lane, TN11 9LJ   01732 833824  
member of Planning Committee 
Mr Mark White, 40 Knowsley Way, TN11 9LQ    01732 833168 
member of Planning Committee